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Scan shows multiple SSIDs for what should be one

New Contributor II
I have a simple set up running with two R500s unleashed. I am not getting the through put I have come to expect from a Ruckus System. 20-30 MBps vs a 170 MBps hardwire. When I do a wifi scan I see the signal for each AP under the configured network name, but I also see a slightly weaker signal under each one with no name. I can't find anything in configuration to cause a second signal. Any ideas on what to look for? Thank you.

Valued Contributor II
Ah ok -- that would explain the huge performance discrepancy you are seeing. 20-30mbit per spatial stream on 2.4GHz is actually quite good especially in noisier environments.

As far as 2.4 vs 5GHz band selection, unfortunately that's a complicated topic. Ultimately it is the client's responsibility to choose the correct band to use. AP band steering only can selectively ignore a client's wishes for to associate on 2.4 but that can lead to connectivity issues in itself.

Standalone and ZD managed has CLI knobs to control band steering but to be honest I haven't seen much advantage from using those adjustments with smart phones. Other approaches are to use a separate SSID for 2.4 and 5GHz which is currently not supported by Unleashed.... or turning down the transmit power on 2.4, or disabling 2.4 if you don't need it.