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New Contributor III

Good afternoon, ruckus community, I am glad to greet you,

I have a specific question about changing the firmware from an ap that is in stand alone mode to unleashed, I understand that this is possible, but it must see advantages and disadvantages when do it or manage multiple Ap's in unleashed mode, my question is if I change the firmware from 6 ap from standalone mode to unleashed I have to also buy the 806-RUNL-1U00 bracket.

But if I buy that support and my factory aps come as 901-r510-ww00 I have no issue for the support administration of them?


Valued Contributor

Hi Chava,

Support on Unleashed is not mandatory, just the same as for standalone mode.  However, with both Unleashed and stand-alone firmware versions, you will not be elidgible for Ruckus Remote Technical Support without the additional support package.

Of course; the (indoor) AP hardware will still be covered by the Ruckus Limited Lifetime Warranty, or 1 year for outdoor-rated hardware.

Further details are here:

I hope that helps clarify,


Thanks, Darrel, for the information, I am clear about the support issue, so if I change the firmware to 15 ap from standalone mode to unleashed mode, will the administration work in unleashed mode without any problem? Although the factory aps come with the sku 901-R510-ww00


Yes it will. Most Ruckus APs are interchangeable from ZD/SZ/Unleashed/Cloud.  Just check your APs are supported by the management platform you want to move to first.

R510 APs are our most popular AP and supported by all the above platforms.



Hey Darrel, could you possibly give me some guidance. We recently upgraded our Zoneflex7982 AP's with R750's. These AP's were managed by our 1205 Controllers.   

We would like to use a couple of the old AP's in stand alone mode and I've tried resetting them and some other tricks I found on Ruckus forums but they still say "

This AP is currently unable to provide wireless access.
To resolve, connect to a Ruckus Controller.
To function as a standalone AP, go to Ruckus Support, navigate to the specific AP and download"

So I was hoping you could tell me what to do to return them to Stand Alone mode. 

thanks for taking the time to read and respond.