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Ruckus R710 is not working with Unleashed in UniFi Switch 48 Port 750 Watt

New Contributor II
I upgraded all the AP's to Ruckus R710 in Unleashed x3 but they are not powering on even activating 24V Passive POE on UniFi switches . But they are working with the 12V DC power. How can I make them work.

Contributor III
AP's will only boot from 802.3af/at complaint source. Have you confirmed that another af/at device boots on the same port? Do you have enough budget for all 6 AP's?

Yes the Unifi Switch has the 24V Passive which is 802.3at. Yes we buy 6 Unifi 48 Port 750 watt Switches and 3 R710.

New Contributor III
How Many PoE devices plugged in to your PoE switch? take note that not all switch is capable to enable all PoE ports at the same time. Try to plug 1 PoE devices at a time just to make sure it's not AP problem. Next, what is the color of the power led when you plugged in to your poe switch? Last thing you do is FACTORY reset, use a paper clip and press hold the reset button for approximately 10-15 sec. 

The Switch is 750 Watt all the Ports are active as POE+ 12v and only 802.3at devices are Ruckus R710 x3 AP's and non of them are turning on. I have an Old switch which is 150 watt HP 2530 24G. If i use that the AP's are working fine. I read somewhere that I have to active

"PoE Configured Mode" should be "Auto" not "AF in Ruckus"

But I am not able the run the cli commands may be because I change the firmware to unleashed.