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R610 unleashed DHCP problem

New Contributor
We have nine R610's in a shop environment running unleashed When the busiest AP gets between 25 and 30 clients connecting to it, the clients will stop receiving IP addresses from the DHCP server. The request makes it to the DHCP server and the reply is sent to the client, but the client never receives it. If I disconnect the ethernet cable to that AP and run on the meshed connection, everything works fine. We ran a new cable to a different switch, and still have the same problem. We tried turning the "enable force DHCP" option on and off, and also changed the timeout to no avail. Has anyone had a similar problem and found a solution?

New Contributor III
Hi Tom, looks like there's a DHCP conflict between your server and AP. May I know the IP addresses? and did you enable the DHCP of the AP? what are the IP range?