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Ruckus R650 mesh

New Contributor

Hi friends, I am new to this community!
I need to leave two Ruckus R650 in wireless mesh mode. My question is the following; Can they work wireless and wired simultaneously? I have a desktop computer that has a single ethernet port, for that particular pc I need the connection to be wired.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Schongou,

A Ruckus AP's state can be either Root/Mesh/eMesh. It can not operate in two states simultaneously.

For more details, you can refer below KB:

When will a Root AP transition into Mesh AP state?

Best Practice Design Guide 'Deploying Mesh':

Sagar Kuber | Sr. Technical Support Engineer | RCNA | CCNA | CWNA

Contributor II

If your question is "can I wire my desktop computer into the mesh AP?" then the answer is yes.

(You can't do any fancy port configuration for e.g. VLANs. For some reason, this is only available on the H series APs).

New Contributor

Thank you for your answers. Yes, I want both ap to be in mesh mode wirelessly but at the same time I can connect a desktop pc to give it internet via ethernet.

New Contributor III

I've done similar setup in SZ environment.  I do not see why it would not work. It's recommended to have at least 2x uplink selections for redundancy or ptp link from another vendor as Ruckus has dropped their ptp product line up.

It's best to check the datasheet for the power requirements so your ethernet ports are not in disabled state and test in a lab environment.