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Ruckus POE compatibility

New Contributor II

Does anyone know of a switch that is fully compatible with whatever proprietary POE negotiation Ruckus has implemented in their x50 model lines (R850, R750, R650)?

I've tried so many Cisco, HP/Aruba, Dell switches but nothing seems to be compatible with Ruckus AP's.  The last switch tried, Dell N3208PX-ON, fully supports 802.3bt (90 watts power) but when using an R850, I cannot get it to go over 12 watts when in use and our users are experiencing MASSIVE performance problems.  They also just never negotiate properly in 'auto' mode and in Unleashed I always get the power warning.  Manually forcing it to bt mode removed the warning, but the power never goes up past 11 watts.  I've seen a lot of posts from people having similar performance problems and sadly the only fix was an AC adapter which is ridiculous for such a pricey top-line enterprise product.  The only good news is 3/4 of my Ruckus R850 AP's are still back-ordered and if I can't find a fix for this POE problem, I'll just go with another vendor and cancel the order.  It's mind blowing how bad Ruckus has become since Commscope's purchase.


New Contributor II

Incompatible devices I tried:  Aruba 6200F - couldn't detect 802.11AT mode.  Cudy 90 Watts Gigabit PoE++ Injector - Can't negotiate 802.11BT mode.  Dell N3208PX-ON - couldn't detect any mode I tried (802.11AT/BT).  In all these devices, it always falls back onto 802.11AF.


I'm using an R650 which negotiated perfectly with my cheap TP-Link switch at home. It's industry-standard negotiation as far as I can tell. Are you testing with a short, known-good cable directly to the switch or using your existing building wiring?

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