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Roaming Problem R510

New Contributor

We have 21 APs in building only one floor, Devices are R510 unleashed and software version is, One SSID, 
Time to time clients are complaining when they move in another place in the building they have connectivity issue about 5 or 10 minutes maybe even more
When I checked one of the problem client, who changed the place it was still connected to the old AP
802.11r FT Roaming option is enabled
Any ideas how can I fixed this problem?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @soulcage57 

Please try to disable the 802.11r setting on the SSID and check if it works?

If not, could you please open a support case so that we can collect the necessary logs and troubleshoot further?


Sunil Acharya

Thanks for replay Sunil_Acharya.
When the problem first occurred, I enable 802.11r but  the problem still remains,
So if I turn it off, we get the same thing again.
If you can't recommend anything else, then I'll have to open the case

Hi Team,

Please create a case as we need to understand the behavior as roaming fails for multiple factors and need to be considered.


Sunil Acharya