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Realistic 5Ghz speed of 'one-hop' mesh unleashed R310

New Contributor III


My ISP has a max download of 300 Mbit. 

The R310 Unleashed (5Ghz) has a max throughput of 867 Mbit.

I have one location where a wired connection seems unrealistic. 

What will be the realistic max speed to be achieved on the R310 unleashed, when meshing 1 hop?

If speed will be reduced by half (meshing), will it be realistic to expect the speed to be above 300 mbit (if coverage is high enough)? Or will you realistically never get those results?


Thnx, great tip!

New Contributor II

You lose about 50% data rate off a meshed backhaul AP.  I like to setup a Libre Speed Test server ( local on the network via NAS, Docker, or RPi to test speeds off different AP's and clients.  This helps validate speeds and rules out the internet and ISP speed limitations.

Ruckus AP's have speedflex testing built in. You can download the mobile app and test to the IP of your different AP's or Zone director to test your internal network speeds.