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Configurable Unleashed Notifications on iOS

New Contributor II
Feature request for Unleashed iOS app: Currently there's no way (that I know of) to configure what notifications occur within the app. So far I get notifications for "AP Offline" "AP Online" "Favorite Client Online" and "Favorite Client Offline". I'd like to setup a notification for "New client joined XXX VLAN" or "Client has dropped from XXX VLAN." I have one VLAN that is only for certain services and want to see when clients connect or drop. Any other configuration options for notifications would be appreciated.

Contributor II
Thank you for your feature request. I am the Product Manager for the Ruckus Unleashed. Let me update this thread after discussing internally with our development team. 

This thread/comment was 2 years ago. Can you look at this again and update the app with some type of configurable notifications? Thanks.