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Realistic 5Ghz speed of 'one-hop' mesh unleashed R310

New Contributor III


My ISP has a max download of 300 Mbit. 

The R310 Unleashed (5Ghz) has a max throughput of 867 Mbit.

I have one location where a wired connection seems unrealistic. 

What will be the realistic max speed to be achieved on the R310 unleashed, when meshing 1 hop?

If speed will be reduced by half (meshing), will it be realistic to expect the speed to be above 300 mbit (if coverage is high enough)? Or will you realistically never get those results?


Valued Contributor II

R310 doesn't support mesh at all.

Anyway, 867Mbps is max rate, not real throughput.  On short distance, with devices supporting mesh (say R510) you can get 300 Mbps link throughput. If meshed AP will serve clients on same radio, speedtest will be somewhere a half of that, probably.

Hope it helps.

Valued Contributor

Hi Jan,

Firstly R310 (and R300 and R320) do not support Mesh.

You also need to be aware that the 867Mbps is a Wi-Fi data-rate, this is number does not reflect the actual real-world TCP (or UDP) data throughput you will achieve.

On average, Wi-Fi is 45-50% effcient, so if you are able to configure an 80MHz channel width and be close enough to the AP, with a sufficient SNR, to achieve MCS9 (867Mbps) data-rate then you would see a TCP/UDP throughput of approximately 400Mbps.

Even with Mesh-capable APs e.g. R510, you would be unlikely to achieve such a high data rate unless the APs are in close proximity and with clear line of sight.

My personal advice would be to investigate using non-Wi-Fi PowerLine adaptors and connecting your R310 in to one of these.

Good luck,


@darrel_rhodes The Powerline adapters is a great tip Darrel, thanks a lot! Will look into it! 

Other better options if you have Coaxial running throughout the house would be MOCA  adapters.... Powerline adapters are the last possible options.