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R720 unleashed LACP

New Contributor III

Several posts regarding unleashed LACP but config is still not clear.

The moment I enabled bond the R720 rebooted and the two interfaces/slaves already added.

I then went to adjust lacp-rate + hash but doesn't appear to be available?  Why?

lacp-rate [0,1], 0 for slow, 1 for fast
xmit-hash [0,1,2], 0 for L(ayer2), 1 for L3+4, 2 for L2+3

Also the unleashed GUI / AP info still shows LACP/LAG disabled.  Why?

Thank you


R720 on unleashed

ruckus(ap-mode)# get power-mode
PoE Configured Mode : bt5
Power Consumption Status : 802.3bt5 Switch/Injector
USB Status : Disabled


ruckus(ap-mode)# get bond bond0
LACP/Bonding is ENABLED.
Mode: 8023AD
LACP-rate: slow
MII-Mon: 100 (ms)
Xmit-Hash: layer2+3
Slaves: 2
Slave-0: eth0, ACTIVE, UP, link-fail-count: 1
Slave-1: eth1, ACTIVE, UP, link-fail-count: 0

ruckus(ap-mode)# set bond bond0 lacp-rate 1
Error: parameter error

ruckus(ap-mode)# set bond bond0 xmit-hash 1
Error: parameter error