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R710 iPhone speed and other questions

New Contributor
Hi. I'm considering switching from the ubiquiti Unifi HD AP's I just installed and got through their beta store due to speed. These are wave 2 AP's and I expected more. Install is in a 5000 sf single story house. At 5-7' from an AP, my iPhone 7 gets +/- 350mbs up and down. About same as my AirPort Extreme setup was. Was wondering if anyone has been able to achieve higher rates above 500mbs consistently?

Also, is the 160 band for 5ghz available with the unleashed version and are dfs channels available in the USA?

If Indi end up switching, might as well replace the Unifi router and switch with something more fitting for Ruckus. Any suggestions? Not looking for crazy expensive Cisco or brocade switches. I don't use much. Currently no vlans but may do so soon along with a possible vpn rather than the port forwards in using now. That said, I have 45 or so devices online at any given time, only about 5-7 are wireless., - 48 port switch is full to capacity.

With all of this, low fan noise is paramount

Appreciate your inputs.

Valued Contributor II
iPhone 7 is 2x2:2 wave 1 AC, so I honestly don't think you will see speeds higher than 350mbit in real world conditions. Ruckus AP's should be able to deliver more consistent AC speeds to a wider radius, since I presume you aren't spending all your time 5-7 ft away from the AP, and I am guessing your speed will rapidly drop off with a wall between you and the AP.

Ruckus supports all the DFS channels in the US minus the brand brand new ones that were recently added a year or so ago, but I don't know anyone that supports those. Is there a particular channel that you were interested in?

Also, note that R710 does not support 160MHz or 80+80MHz yet. The only Ruckus AP that seems to support that is R610. But at the same time, note that the iPhone 7 is a wave 1 device and will not do 160MHz or 80+80MHz or MU-MIMO.

New Contributor
I appreciate the reply. Wild you happen to have any recommendations for router and poe switch that isn't quite large enterprise expensive but will do the job for a 1+ gigabit larger home network and say q decent backbone?i say plus because I assume we will get to 2gb speeds soon enough.