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R600/ R500 FIRMWARE UPGRADE Unleashed without internet connection

New Contributor III
I have just taken over a site with R600/R500's running unleashed. The site uses a proxy and some severe firewalls that prevent direct access to the internet. The APs are running and the administer>upgrade only gives one button to upgrade which fails. The Dashboard seems to think it has internet access but this is not the case. How do I get the option to manually update the APs?

Valued Contributor
Hi Nohands
I am unaware of a manual way of upgrading the AP's with unleashed, so either you arrange that the AP has direct internet access or take the AP to another site and upgrade it there.


Taking each AP offsite is going to be more than problematic. What ports does Unleashed AP's use and can you set a proxy for them?

Esteemed Contributor II
Nohands, you can download a 200.6 version of Unleashed code for R500 or R600, which ever is your
Master AP model from our Support site.

From a workstation on your Unleashed WLAN, so you you can get to the Admin GUI, try a Manual upgradeand point to your Master AP model image.  
Disclaimer: I can't remember if original 200.0 Unleashed has the Manual upgrade option...  =:^(
If worse comes to worst, you might need to document your WLAN configurations, etc and upgrade an AP bya direct connect to your PC and factory default the AP to, onto the current Unleashed release, and create the network again, then add the remaining R500/R600s (that will auto-upgrade when recognized).