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R500 unleashed installation problem

New Contributor II
Hi.I just recently purchased R500 to replace the old Ruckus 2825 and have still problem by installing it properly.I followed the instructional videos but can't get any internet connection although in the "dashboard" section all seems OK.I can easily recognize Ruckus AP and get the management IP for it but can't see where I should input my internet provider ISP IP and DNS.Any idea where I'm doing wrong.I am thanking all in advance.Andrej.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Andrej,

    You can't just toss your 2825 yet... The 2825 Multimedia Wireless Router is your network interface to your ISP
thru it's WAN port, with your home LAN connected thru the 4 other Ethernet interfaces.  These were great little
Wifi routers, but only have 100mb Eth ports, and 802.11b/g wireless (originally for up to 4 x 2111 CPEs attached
to set top boxes (STB) for IPtv).

    The real "magic" if you will, is that you can configure any Ruckus AP (indoor/outdoor, b/g/a/n/ac) that has 2+
Ethernet interfaces, running our Standalone image firmware, to be a Wifi Router!  One interface can be WAN,
to your ISP; and the other(s) can be your LAN interface(s) using internal DHCP to NAT translate an internal Local
Network for connected PCs (or switch with multiple inside devices) and a Home use WLAN.  You could do this
with your R500.

   Otherwise, Unleashed AP firmware, assumes you have an existing Router/DHCP server, and it pulls DHCP
IP and configures itself to be your Master AP, that any other additional Unleashed firmware APs will join to. The
Unleashed code gives you Guest Access or Mesh (if needed and you have 2+ APs), with the Controller like look
and feel. 

    I have a 2825 for Internet access from my office too, and have connected my Unleashed R500 and R600 to
LAN ports on the 2825.  And they run separate, and are not affected by a ZD1200 on the same network.  To read
more about using Standalone 100.x image (ie. Configuring Local Subnets - page 124, and setting WLANs to
'Bridge to WAN' - page 133), see the latest Indoor AP User Guide at this link:


New Contributor II
Thanks for info - might try this one later.I'm on fibre 100Mbps link and the internet provider installed at my home this 8 port switch and from that one I had two cables connected to Ruckus 2825 so far.Maybe there is a chance to setup R500 through this switch without need of using 2825 as you mentioned above.The switch is Level One GSW-0890.I am not so experienced in networking.

Ok I need to try the option mentioned above in your post.My goal is to get good stability for 3 IPTV streams which older Ruckus 2825 couldn't make it with additionaly internet traffic.I have R500 unleashed AP + older system Ruckus 2825 and now 3 VF2111 AP for set-top-boxes.Priority is stabile IPTV streaming.You mentioned above I need to configure subnet masks and set bridge to WAN.i didn't find such option on 2825 and neither on R500.Any idea how to approach to this?is there any special dedicated software for these options as i didn't upgraded my 2825 so far.Thanks in advance.