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R500 not supporting iOS devices?

New Contributor II
Hi. Seemslike my r500 can't support iphone and ipads. I have couplé devices with latest but also with older iOS versions. All of them have big problems with connecting to r500 (latest firmware in). All stucked on getting or renewing DHCP. Anybody have any idea? I already set 20M chanells on both 2,4 and 5 GHz networks, still this is not helping anyhow. Windows devices do not have this problem.
Also No problems when i am connected to my old cisco AP.

Valued Contributor
Going through many upgrades over last 3 years had not had ipad connection problems you describe.
Presently on ZD1125 ( b29 for compatibility reasons) with R500s in school supporting 80+ ipads/minis on 9.3.5 and 10.1.1

If you are using newer firmware than this (very possible) check release notes for any mention of ipad bugs/known issues, might get lucky and find something.

New Contributor II
Hi i'm using unleashed version. I have also r500 in office but with controler and i do not see any problems. Unleashed seems to be different story

New Contributor III
We are using Rukus R500 Unleashed and no problems with Ipads or Iphones this side.

What issues do you experience

New Contributor II
On first time connection to R500 took very long time for iANYTHING to get dhcp address from AP. This problem do not exist for Android and Windows.

Previously reconnecting was impossible for iphone/ipad. Today I turned off most of nice AP features, keep channel thin, use only one channel, and only one SSID, and looks like maybe it will work - still testing it. Interesteing that when I had 2 SSIDs problem occured again.

Still when device goes out of sleep mode takes them a lot of time to reconnect.
When I reconnect to old net, all devices are connect within seconds