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R500 not supporting iOS devices?

New Contributor II
Hi. Seemslike my r500 can't support iphone and ipads. I have couplé devices with latest but also with older iOS versions. All of them have big problems with connecting to r500 (latest firmware in). All stucked on getting or renewing DHCP. Anybody have any idea? I already set 20M chanells on both 2,4 and 5 GHz networks, still this is not helping anyhow. Windows devices do not have this problem.
Also No problems when i am connected to my old cisco AP.

Sounds like it might be a DHCP server issue.... what DHCP server are you using? And are you using the R500 as just a plain access point?

Hi. I'm using dhcp server on r500 and yes i think this is the issue

why are you using the R500 as a router....even though they provide that functions most users are just using the R500 as a access point. I highly discourage using the R500 has a router.. Do you have any other router? You mentioned you have a consumer cisco/linksys AP?  why not turn turn off the radio functions on the consumer AP.... perhaps load up the dd-wrt if you do indeed have a consumer cisco/linksys AP.

and use the R500 as an access point..

Hi. I have another box to do dhcp if i have to. Thought if Ruckus got this functionality, it will work not only on datasheet.