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R500 - Whats missing on my setup? Unleashed second AP Cannot contact Ruckus Cloud Service. Please contact administrator.

New Contributor II
I have a master AP setup but cannot get any more APs to join, at the initial config the only options are to Create a New Unleashed Network , which I don't want as I have one or to Join Ruckus Cloud as a Cloud managed AP
Both units are on the same firmware
Mesh is enabled on the Master unit

Esteemed Contributor II
Do you have a DHCP server and def-gw router address in your LAN?  Are you sure your Master AP is up
and working, ie can you connect thru a WLAN and manage it from '' ok?

If you have Internet access, check your Master AP version and upgrade if not on  From
Admin&Services -> Administer -> Firmware Upgrade.

If your LAN has DHCP/def-gw and your Master AP is up and running, all subsequent Unleashed APs on
any previous version should find the Master and connect/upgrade if necessary/get configured automatically
if you've done a factory default.

Do you see any additional APs (connected or disconnected) under Access Points?  If you know your new
AP's IP address (dhcp lease table?), can you Master AP ping the new AP?  From Admin&Services ->
Administer -> Network Connectivity?

Contributor II
Are the access points you're trying to add hardwired back to the same flat network your master AP is on? Are you trying to add them as a mesh network? They need to be connected by ethernet to the same network in order to be discovered and create mesh when disconnected. 

New Contributor II
Master AP is on static IP, gw is set correctly, DHCP is from domain controller, tried both wired to LAN and wireless setup, no additional APs show in Master. Going to try firmware version you have suggested on both units now and I'll come back.

New Contributor II
Upgraded the firmware on both, when I boot up the new one (connected via ethernet to the LAN) it has IP