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R500-Unleashed: Configure as WiFi Repeater

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I have a Linksys EA6350 AC1200+  as Gateway Router & primary WiFi authenticator.

I would like to use the R500 as WiFi Repeater (no cabled connection) to extend WiFi range, but I'm unable to figure out how through the Ruckus user interface or documents. The R500 is the only Ruckus device I have.

Any input on the subject is greatly appreciated.



Hi @Rayb 

Ruckus device can't work with third party as a repeater though if you have two Ruckus AP you can use mesh technology in which one AP will play as root (connected via cable) while other as mesh (no cabled connection).

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Sorry, it looks like they changed something in the 110.0 release which stops this from working.

I just installed on an R500 and followed the github steps, and everything works.

(note: the steps only configure the uplink, so make sure you also enable and configure a WLAN if you're going to connect clients wirelessly)

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* Downgraded to 104.0 as suggested. The connection is cabled ethernet, and I was able to login to web UI (problem was Privoxy http proxy on Firefox).

* I made the adjustments to Wireless8 (2.4G) & Wireless16 (5G). The web UI shows all radios are Disabled. Am I supposed to Enable Wireless8 & Wireless16?

* When I enable Wireless1, it just shows up as a separate unprotected SSID. Do I need to enable other radios for the wifi bridge to work?

* My wireless scanner shows the 2.4G SSID on the R500 is up, but on a different channel than the Linksys Gateway. The 5G channel is NOT up, but the device 5G indicator light is on. Nmap shows that the R500 is not registered on the LAN (neither 2.4 nor 5).

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I changed R500 IP to DHCP instead of static - same result, no connection to Gateway. Furthermore, the 2.4G SSID on R500 shows up as open (no password requested). WiFi device fails to connect to the R500 SSID with the "could not get IP" message, meaning that the R500 is not repeating the Authoritative DHCP traffic from the Linksys Gateway.

Thanks & Regards.