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R320 200.14

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I've upgraded a R320 AP to the 200.14 firmware of Unleashed. The AP was factory defaulted, so I choose the local firmware upgrade option in the wizard. Upon connecting via firefox or chrome after the upgrade the wizard no longer shows, but instead I get a logon screen. I do not have access, since its unleashed and default. I´ve factory default a couple of times now. There is, strangely enough, a wireless network active on the AP: ruckus-wireless 1. After the first factory default this network did not have a password, and showed a captive portal with a Ruckus Support Form. After consecutive factory defaults the network still exists, but has a password which I of course do not know.

None of this makes much sense, but hopefully someone knows whats going on.













RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @sureal_alamsjah 

After uploaded the unleashed firmware version 200.14 on the R320 you have to setup the unleashed AP from the scratch if there is no any existing Unleashed master in the network.

Please open the unleashed AP WebUI by using the IP address of the AP and you will get below setup screen where you can configure the system name, IP settings and system admin passwords.


Ruckus-Wireless-1 is the by default name of the WLAN which is showing when we do the unleashed setup for the first time. You can change the WLAN name as well.






Hi Ayush,


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunatly, the wizard does not show, only the logon screen. Also not after multiple resets to factory default. The default credentials do not work, not via the gui (different browsers) and via SSH.




RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @sureal_alamsjah 

When you access the AP IP on the browser, can you share the screen shot of the page where you are seeing the logon screen.

Also, are you able to login to the AP CLI (SSH access) using the default credentials (super\sp-admin) or your configured credentials?