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Default super password after factory reset for unleashed configuration

New Contributor II
What is username/password afrer factory reset . Super/sp-admin does not work for unleashed firmware

New Contributor
try super as lowercase

Esteemed Contributor II
Repeating from another thread:
Unleashed initial configuration needs to be done using the APs default SSID, then browsing
to when you'll be prompted to create the network and
define your Admin credentials.  Setup is described in this knowledge base article for your

If you don't see a Configure.Me-XXYYZZ ssid in the air after factory defaulting your AP,
I suspect that they are not running Unleashed code.  Then you need the direct AP to PC(pre-configured with 192.168.0.x ) so you can access (super/sp-admin)and upgrade to your AP model Unleashed code.I just posted a new Unleashed btw...

Unleashed also can be accessed and setup via If default credentials aren't working for a ZoneFlex AP then it should be checked if there were previous credentials cached for the IP address (