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Planning hardware for a new Ruckus Wifi Home Setup

New Contributor II

I am trying to figure out the hardware needed for my home setup. Please help.

My initial understanding was: ISP to home > ends in a router [so I need a router, may be use a old wifi home router, turn off the wifi, to get DHCP for the clients] > Router connects to switch > Switch to Ruckus R550 [Router provides poe+, or I can use non poe router, but use a power block for the Ruckus AP]. Then setup the master R550 using direct connect to a PC, configure then deploy, then change the IP of the PC back.

As I am reading the technical content for Ruckus Unleashed, it says ... "

  • Gateway Mode: The Unleashed Master AP can be configured as a gateway router, performing all NAT and DHCP functions as well as serving as the Unleashed network controller and serving wireless clients"....

Does this mean I do not need a router? I can connect the ISP input directly to a poe+ switch and connect the R550 and configure it as a master AP, AND a gateway router which provides DHCP for my clients? 

If this is so, how do I do this? 



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi David,

If you are not using Firewall and any of your preferred routers then Unleashed can able configured as gateway.

Unleashed Gateway mode terminates Ethernet and PPPoE connections and do NAT for internal LAN.

I hope this video can help you about Unleashed Gateway mode.





New Contributor II

Thanks Karthik. Do you have similar video for DHCP or non-gateway mode? 

Also is it reasonable to use an old Dlink router with WiFi disabled, for the purpose of a wired router?

Hi David,

Yes, you can use your old Dlink router but make sure it supports 1G port else you will have a low throughput connection (100M) for the AP.

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI

New Contributor II

Thanks Omer. But I ended up ordering the edge router.