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Planning hardware for a new Ruckus Wifi Home Setup

New Contributor II

I am trying to figure out the hardware needed for my home setup. Please help.

My initial understanding was: ISP to home > ends in a router [so I need a router, may be use a old wifi home router, turn off the wifi, to get DHCP for the clients] > Router connects to switch > Switch to Ruckus R550 [Router provides poe+, or I can use non poe router, but use a power block for the Ruckus AP]. Then setup the master R550 using direct connect to a PC, configure then deploy, then change the IP of the PC back.

As I am reading the technical content for Ruckus Unleashed, it says ... "

  • Gateway Mode: The Unleashed Master AP can be configured as a gateway router, performing all NAT and DHCP functions as well as serving as the Unleashed network controller and serving wireless clients"....

Does this mean I do not need a router? I can connect the ISP input directly to a poe+ switch and connect the R550 and configure it as a master AP, AND a gateway router which provides DHCP for my clients? 

If this is so, how do I do this? 



As if not using a firewall is an option? Gateway mode doesn't have a firewall as far as I can tell, so that would not be a good idea to not have some firewall before an Unleashed Gateway AP.