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Newbie Questions - Non Ruckus AP to joint Ruckus Unleashed Wifi net work?

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I just installed my first home Ruckus Wifi network. Still learning and trying to troubleshoot. I have 2 R550s one main and the other client AP. I was getting decent output from the main AP but the client was giving very poor wifi signal even close to the AP. It is all hardwired and not on a mesh. 

I turned off the 2.5 Ghz on both the units and then the signal strength improved. Still surprisingly the signal strength is not as good as the old Netgear and D link home routers!!! So I guess I have to tweak my settings to see how to improve the signal strength. I have the following questions:

1) There is a second ethernet port [next to the POE port] in the R550. I though I could daisy chain my TV from this port. But there is no wired connection showing up! How do I get wired connection from this second port? Do I have to adjust any settings in the R550?

2) How do I change the password for my wifi network [not the admin password, but password for individual users to log in to the system]?

3) I have three levels in my house each roughly 1800 to 2000 sq ft. Before I was able to cover and get decent signal from my old Dlink and Netgear [as AP]. Now I am able to cover the same space with my 2 R550, but only after I turn off the 2.5 Ghz button, with this being on, the slave/AP seems to have poor wifi coverage. I am now getting very poor signal in my basement [I was getting 75 to 90 Mbps with my old set up and now getting only 7-14 mbps in the basement]. 

So the question is, will I be able to use my old Netgear or Dlink as an AP along with the Ruckus wifi network? 

I have a Ubiquiti Edgerouter ER-4 for router function.

Thanks for your reply.


Thanks. I am getting insufficient power error in the web log in for the APs. I am using Netgear poe+ switch which is supposed to be "at". 

I am returning the Netgear switch. Any suggestions for a reasonably priced switch to get the "poe at" power?


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Do you know if the second 1Gb port is only for joining the AP to the network or can you daisy chain from this port and connect other devices to the network?


Hi David,

Before you return the switch, just try to set the AP power to at from its CLI.

Below is the process.

1. SSH into the master AP (user the same username and password you use for GUI login) using putty or any other terminal application.

2. Once logged in, run below commands.



remote_ap_cli -A "set power-mode at"

3. Now wait for few minutes and run below command to check if APs adopted force 802.3at power.

remote_ap_cli -A "get power-mode"

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:). How do I SSH in to the AP? I can log in to the AP using a web browser. Then I will be lost...

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I figured it out and everything is working now. I did not have to SSH in to the AP. All I had to do was go to dashboard> AP and change the power setting from auto to at [ie force it like you said]. Then it started to work.

I really appreciate your help. Thanks.