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Need help with client isolation in unleashed mode

New Contributor III
In searching the forums for this particular issue I found many posts but the only one that seemed to describe my problem was this one.  

So I faithfully followed the steps suggested by Jo Vens, but other devices on the network are still visible, even if they are unreachable when pinged. 

Specifically the steps followed were:
1. Created whitelist - added router LAN port mac address and LAN gateway IP
2. Created L3 ACL list - allow DNS, DHCP, HTTP & HTTPS
3. In WLAN Advanced options:
    - on the Access Control tab select L3 ACL list previously created
    - on the Others tab, select both Isolation check boxes and select the whitelist previously created

Saved and re-started the access points.

As stated, I am able to get to the internet, and all but, other devices are still visible to applications like Fing on iOS. 

I would've thought that the steps above would essentially give each device a pipe only to the internet, with nothing else on the network visible. 

What am I missing?