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Unleashed R710s suspending Intermec hand held mobile computers

New Contributor II
We have a dozen R710s running as an  Unleashed Network in a factory and warehouse.  There are 3 SSIDs on this.  One for corporate people, one for guests and the last for the RF barcode scanner users in the factory.  These bar code uses run a telnet session on Honeywell CK75 mobile computers.

The devices connect to the Georgia Softworks Telnet Server running on Windows.

There are about a dozen bar code users.  They connect and run fine for a while and then the session gets suspended in terms of the telnet connection.  This causes everything to stop until the user generates more activity to jump start the process forward again.

The devices are set no to hibernate.  They do cause the screen to blank after 5 minutes but the radio stays connected to maintain the telnet session.

The specific SSID has the inactivity timeout set to 500 minutes.  That was the default 10 minutes last week.  I changed it over the weekend but it does not appear to have fixed anything.  I assume these settings are dynamic and do not require a restart.

As of this morning, the users of the mobile computers keep having their sessions get suspended.  Are their other settings for the SSID that might impact what I see?


Bob Brennan
IMS, Inc.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Bob,

   Scanners running Telnet applications are very touchy, since Telnet is time sensitive.
You have increased the inactivity timeout correctly to maintain authorization, but there
may be other tweaks (DTIM, no AP background scanning) that might help further, as
described in this 2014 Ruckus/Intermec guide.

I've just made this document visible, so it will appear on Support after the next 6hr update

New Contributor II
Thank you Michael,

I will review these settings.  I know that we set the inactivity timeout to 500.  We stopped background scanning.  I need to look at the other suggestions.  

Another weird bit to add.  We have a few clients in the suspended state as seen from the telnet server.  I would expect that if I send a PING to each of the suspended processes that it would wake up.  That does not seem to be the case and I am working with GSW to understand this mechanism better.

We have a handful of warehouses deployed with the same gear except this one uses unleashed instead of a ZD.  My larger concern is that I have 3 more systems just like this ready to install.  I'd like to avoid this issue at these new site, if possible.



Hi Bob,

     To be fair I need to give our partners and tech support experts the opportunity
to help diagnose and offer best advice.  I was a TSE here and worked Intermec/ZD
environments, and Unleashed is our "controller independant" brand that comes from
ZoneDirector base, and/so should be similar for troubleshooting the logs needed to
accurately understand what is happening.  Call and ask for a ticket, and ask for help
to track a known/problem (if you can identify one) scanner client activity.  They will
want to know if problems are seen around any one AP or area, etc too.  Waking up
a scanner before 30 minutes (def timeout) and after (to see if 500 is honored) might
be helpful.  And... are the Intermecs on their latest drivers is also important, thanks.