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Mobile app login off site

New Contributor

Is it possible to use the mobile app to log into your controllers when you are not connected to the wireless network. I am looking to manage the network when I am not on site. Is this possible or do I need to be on site in order to manage that work with the mobile app?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @neil_kaufenberg 

Yes you can manage the Unleashed network remotely. You can follow the below step:

1. On the Unleashed GUI go to System >> System Info >> Make sure Unleashed ID is displaying the ID number.
2. Go to Administration >> Mobile App >> Remote Management & Mobile App Notification >> Enable "Enable Mobile App Remote Management" and "Send an app notification when an alarm is triggered".
3. Now from your Android or iOS device, download the "Unleashed Mobile App".
4. Make sure the Mobile wifi is connected to any of the SSID broadcasting from the Unleashed network.
5. Open the app and make sure to login to one of the social network login.
6. Once done login to the Network from the app using the Unleashed admin credentials.
7. Once logged in, check on the Unleashed GUI under Administration >> Mobile App >> Remote User Control >> you should see your social login.
8. Disconnect the mobile wifi from the Unleashed network.
9. Connect to a different wifi\mobile data  (non unleashed network) >> Open Unleashed app >> click on Manage Network.
10. Now you can manage your Unleashed network from the App from remotely when not connected to Unleashed network.

I hope this helps.