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How to config the trunk port between 2 ICX 7150 switches for pinging through same vlan id and the configuration commands

New Contributor II

Hi all,

I have 2 ICX 1750 switches(1st ICX7150-24P & 2nd ICX7150-C12P) and trying to connection them by a trunk port(1st:1/1/24 & 2nd:1/1/12).But, I don't know the configuration commands.

My target is trying to ping through the PC on Same Vlan 2 of 2 switches and the connection topology as below:


       PC1( 2)

                    Trunk port-----2nd:1/1/12(untagged)


                    Trunk port-----1st:1/1/24(untagged)

       PC2( 2)

Ping test: PC2 ping

Thanks in advanced!


Hi Sunny,

After applied your steps, I success to ping between them.

You are correct:

I want to connect the vlan 2's ports(e.g.1/1/1-1/1/4 on 12p switch) to another switch vlan 2's ports(e.g.1/1/1-1/1/8 on 24p switch) for same department staff PCs communication.

But, I don't understand why should i need untagging the eth 1/1/1? Is it because I need to remove the extra header/tag during the trunk transportation.



Hi Kelvin,

When you set the port to untag VLAN-2 any traffic received on the port with no 802.1q header will have a header added for VLAN-2.  This will then allow the packet to be sent to the other ports of the same VLAN#.

Any devices that don't do VLAN tagging should be connected to an UNTAGGED port.  Between switches you can set up trunked ports as TAGGED on all the relevant VLANs.

All the best!

Hi Sunny,

Thank you for your detail explanation.