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How to config the trunk port between 2 ICX 7150 switches for pinging through same vlan id and the configuration commands

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Hi all,

I have 2 ICX 1750 switches(1st ICX7150-24P & 2nd ICX7150-C12P) and trying to connection them by a trunk port(1st:1/1/24 & 2nd:1/1/12).But, I don't know the configuration commands.

My target is trying to ping through the PC on Same Vlan 2 of 2 switches and the connection topology as below:


       PC1( 2)

                    Trunk port-----2nd:1/1/12(untagged)


                    Trunk port-----1st:1/1/24(untagged)

       PC2( 2)

Ping test: PC2 ping

Thanks in advanced!


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Image_ images_messages_5fd724c4f82792403a008fe1_76abb2cdcdbe434f3479ce3cac7bddb2_ConnectionDiagram1920x1440-85707eba-bdc0-4d01-a748-e0c8a2885582-1607948209.jpg

Physical connection

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I can recommend making them in to a stack. They are then just managed as a single switch so you do not have to manage trunks.

Hi Greg,

Thank you for your advice. But, I am not sure whether I can apply it on my case since these 2 switches are located on 2 different floors. Therefore, I am try to connect them via trunk port instead of switch stacking as one switch.

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You can only stack using 10G, which can be done across floors however you would need fiber cable and transceivers.  Looks like you just want to connect them via 1G RJ45 Ethernet instead of a stack.  No Problem!

Your trunk ports should carry all relevant VLANs.  In this case I guess it is only vlan2?  so then for ports 1/1/12 and 1/1/24 need to add tagged vlan2;

config#vlan 2

config-vlan2#tagged eth 1/1/12 [and tagged eth 1/1/24 on other switch)

you should now be able to ping between them.  Also, I'm assuming that port 1/1/1 is set as untagged i.e.

config-vlan2#untagged eth 1/1/1