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Guestportal settings missing afetr firmwareupdate

New Contributor III
Ever since upgrading to version I am missing a few settings at the guest portal service: I can't confgiure if i want to show a TOS or not, i cant decide what's written in the TOS.
It's not possible to define if i want the to redirect the customer to a different site. I can't seleect the session timeout anymore or change the text displayed in the Guestportal ( only the logo can be configured)

We are using R500 unleashed and have this problem on all unleashed systems of our customers.

Today i tried the new  200.3 Firmware with no change.

But maybee i am just blind. I just did a factory reset on one of our systems but the options are still missing. Can anyone confirm on their systems if these functions also have disappeared?

Contributor II
I upgraded to 200.3 and I am able to enable and edit the TOS and User Redirection URL for guest WLANs. See attached screen shots. You must have "Guest Access" selected under "Usage Type". 

Image_ images_messages_5f91c431135b77e2479b09db_8c05a0314b6fe3d9450096dd00b013f8_RackMultipart20170208123130dk0-dbb7fac2-79c0-4fd8-a993-41665f3d4601-803628305.png1486524592
Image_ images_messages_5f91c431135b77e2479b09db_371725d7ebf6785916cfee8c696c9bc2_RackMultipart2017020862184qztf-84008342-e36a-4b89-8896-d11e69d4e265-341769707.png1486524604
Image_ images_messages_5f91c431135b77e2479b09db_d403c5dec569651eac03c5181cae7523_RackMultipart20170208103273ua5-2b81892a-bbaa-4684-af30-d85f80c83729-587557539.png1486524622

New Contributor III
it looks totally different for me :

I dont see these Options anywhere even when i create a new one this doesnt appear

Image_ images_messages_5f91c431135b77e2479b122e_34640c0dcf2b59c7be50522a8ae0f9a1_RackMultipart20170208120973c9g-58c5ace7-0341-40fa-b9e3-ada06ab96b38-1626380730.JPG1486571166

New Contributor III
OK i just did the firmwareupdate again locally (why did this even work it was the same version) and now the windows you showed me is appearing. i have 3 Customers who still have the problem (I just wanted to say i can show you that the window isnt appearing on the unleashed systems i upgraded directly trough the web.) I will upgrade them tomorrow .

So if anyone runs into a similar problem, just redo the firmwareupdate.
Thanks for the help.

Good to hear.