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How do you connect an Unleashed R600 AP to ZoneDirector?

New Contributor II
We recently purchased a couple of R600 APs to add to a large number we have already that we manage with a Zonedirector 3000, sadly these new units are the "unleashed" R600 units and they won't let me access the settings so I can tell it to connect to a controller. How do you connect an unleashed R600 to a Zonedirector? We have the licenses to do so, and I can't see any official response from Ruckus. The only other answer I can see is to downgrade the firmware which surely isn't the only option? Why can't they give these units a new model number or something.


New Contributor III
The only reason is because the SKU number changes which is tied to providing the correct support for the unleashed product. There is a firmware that you can download to turn the R600 back to a standalone AP which you can then managed it with your zone directory so it is not technically a downgrade. The unleashed firmware is special to the unleashed product as it can allow any unleashed AP to be the zone director minus some features. I think the KB to convert the unleashed AP back to a standalone is KBA-5193.

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Hi, Matthew,

You can convert a unleashed AP to ZD AP, check

as Dan said also.
Then you can load 100.x.x.x firmware and just let it find the ZD via set director or option 43.

Kind regards

Thank you for the reply.

The link doesn't seem to exist anymore regarded the convert?

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Ah I see, I had a look at the article and I will give that route a go. Cheers!