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Gateway mode speed limitations

Contributor II
I setup an R310 in gateway/router mode and noticed that I am limited to ~150mbps download and ~5mbps upload. I subscribe to and consistently get 200mbps download and 30mbps upload speeds otherwise. Is this a known limitation when the access point is in gateway mode? Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e8135b77e2478dae36_569e8dc87c660b81838f1b8f3da47a0b_RackMultipart2017022412804913l-f815eb76-34a7-4435-a187-556d84703bea-1601453252.JPG1487974696

Great feedback, that I will pass on to our PLM.  Standalone code on the same AP performance, versus in Unleashed GW Mode.  I've just written a KBA-6284 on this topic.  (visible after next Support site 6 hr update)

DevEng says you need at least a 2nd AP to get better throughput, and that R510/R710 have less impact due to larger power CPU.

New Contributor III
I have two of the 510s and the speeds are also limited to 200mbps. This kinda sucks since I was told it was capable of faster speeds and I have the 400mbps internet service

are you using the R510 in gateway mode? also I recommend that you keep it at 200.6.10.X firmware. You really should Just turn them into a standard AP and get a separate wired router like Edgerouter X which are only $59.

using them as a standard AP i have a separate router

Which version of unleashed firmware are you using?