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Unleashed Master on newer firmwarer managing unleashed slave on older firmware?

Contributor III
HI I have a question now since this year will be the first year that older Unleashed Units will stop being supported such as the R500, R600, R310 that are 802.11ac Wave 1 products.  Will newer Unleashed Masters units such as the R510 when they have newer firmware will they be still be able to manage older R500 with older unleashed firmware?  I really think you should continue support the wave 1 products for at least another year or two. I know Aruba on one of their older Wave 1 Products will continue support to 2020 and then can do a paid upgrade to the new OS.  Can you offer something like a paid upgrade for a later upgrade for Unleashed?  Also I think Unleashed 200.7.10.x is buggy and speed issues with wifi with iOS devices when downgrading to 200.6.10.x the issues disappear. No support team has addressed this issue if firmware 200.8.x will fix this issue. Also I think you guys are letting down the original R500 and R600 users who originally pioneered the early versions of unleashed firmware at least give these guys another year or two of support for unleashed.

Contributor III
Good point about continuing to support the R500 and 600. I agree 100%. If the original Ruckus people were still around this issue never would have occurred.