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Dish Hopper/Joey DHCP Issue

New Contributor
I have an unleashed R600 deployed at a site where they recently had the latest Dish Hopper/Joey system installed. The Hopper connects wirelessly to the R600 and is able to grab an IP address. A bridging mode is enabled on the Hopper for it to share the ethernet connection with the Joeys. So basically the Joeys should get an IP over the Coax, via MoCA, through the Dish Network Hopper ethernet connection.

However in this case the Joeys are not able to get an IP address. I played around some settings on the router and etc, but once I connected the hopper to another non-ruckus AP (netgear) on the network, the joeys were able to get an IP address.
Is there a setting on the R600 that needs to be adjusted for this to work?