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Does Unleashed AP support LBS using vSPOT?

Valued Contributor
I want to know whether UAP support LBS using vSPOT or not.

Because UAP made based ZD, I thought it could.

Anyone know it?

Contributor II
No, Unleashed don't support LBS / SPoT at this time.

Contributor II
By the way, I am the Product Manager for Unleashed. That said, can you pl contact me at and provide your use case for Unleashed + SPoT? I would like to understand the details bit more.

New Contributor II
Not sure if anyone followed up, but a use case for us is remote education locations.  As an isd we often have classrooms in medical, business and industry, and other schools we don't control completely.  We often deploy meraki because they easily deploy without a controller.  I have been testing ruckus unleashed and it would be nice to be able to check location box for student devices and start rolling out ruckus over meraki.  We often have security incidents were we utilize location awareness to track down the perpetrator of DDoS or other security incidents.