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Can the r710 Unleashed be administered by ZoneDirector 1200?

New Contributor II
I was unaware that the r710 unleashed was a stand alone AP until after i tried to join it to a ZoneDirector 1200. Before sending it back i just wanted to confirm that i won't be able to join it to the ZD1200

New Contributor
this work for you? I'm trying to do the same but i don't know if i'm doing something wrong because the zone director still showing model is not supported


New Contributor
Shows you how to complete the process for converting unleashed unit to standalone or to be managed by a controller (2nd 1/2 of Step 8).

That article is outdated - you no longer get presented with the option to join the cloud nor do you get the "AP Info" option.  The only method I see currently is to complete the wizard and then once the unleashed network (of one AP) is running, choose the "local upgrade" option and load up the standalone firmware.  I'd love to hear different, but this is what I'm getting on all recent unleashed units when trying to crossgrade:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c473135b77e247a977d0_22fda0212b64d9e573318a69d32331dc_RackMultipart20180524638151yxy-c961e93c-c16a-4bb3-b705-c1ea3362d147-1462527325.png1527135427

@erin_mcclellen for anyone who comes across this like I did, I also had to go through the Unleashed Master setup.  When updating the firmware, the screen notified that it would do a set-factory after the firmware install.  As long has you have the DNS, or DHCP option 43, it should find your controller after the reboot.