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Win10 laptop close the lid without power off > Trigger on / off will be recorded in email every several minutes.

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I've mark one user's win10 laptop as a favorite so that can receive email notification when it connects AP.


His laptop wireless adapter is [Intel Wireless-AC9560 160MHz] with the latest driver installed


He just closes the lid after work without shutdown computer and it will be in sleep mode.


We have the following issue.


Trigger on / off will be recorded in email every several minutes for this laptop.

Subject: [] Alarm 'station favorite online' generated

Subject: [] Alarm 'station favorite offline' generated


It will be stopped until his domain logon time ended at 23:00. And appears again at 7:00 which is the domain logon time allowed in the morning.  When he starts to working from 9:00, those email won't be received again after he used LAN connection in office 

Another user who is using MacBook won't have this issue though he just closes the lid after work.  

It is so annoying. Is it possible to stop or avoid this?


Many thanks.


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The above description makes no sense to me.  Instead of describing what's happening or not happening, can you just tell us what you're trying to accomplish?       

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Thanks for your reply.
The computer should be in hibernation and has no activity.

How to stop trigger alarm offline or online on AP events from this laptop during it's in hibernation? 

@Como You're welcome.  What I meant was - why are you doing all of this?  Why are you using triggers?  Why do you care if the laptop is connected?  Why do you need to know that?  I'm trying to understand what you are trying to accomplish.  

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Good questions.

We have several VLAN and would like to know who connects to specific and restricted LAN. Other VLAN for mobile phone won't be checked.


So mark it as a "favorite" client and provides a way to monitor the client's behavior, triggering a report when the client goes online or offline.

An alarm event will be generated each time this client goes online or offline.


Actually, can stop to mark as a "favorite" and this issue won’t happen.


But want to know why it’s triggering a report frequently on this situation. Is it related to laptop or AP?