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Can't reach Unleashed Captive Portal using a custom certificate

New Contributor III


I'm running Unleashed on a couple of R710s version (latest)
I have set up a guest network and utilizes the built in Captive Portal hosted on the Master AP.
This works well until I add a custom certificate under Admin&Services -> Administration -> Certificate -> Import Signed Certificate.

I'm importing a CloudFlare Origin Cert (with my internal domain i.e * This also works well using the Unleashed UI the cert is present and working as expected.

Now when I test the captive portal, on Linux, connecting to the Guest network, Clicking sign in I get
"If you are not redirected within 3 seconds, please click here." And the link is pointing to: http://cloudflare/.

If I try this on an android device I get:

The web page at http://cloudflare%20origin%20certificate/user/inte&url= could be loaded because: net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED


Reverting back to original Ruckus cert, the captive portal start working as expected again.

Anyone else experienced this? Why is it trying to redirect to http://cloudlfare, makes no sense to me.


Thanks in advance,


You should be able to use the script I linked above to set the correct fqdn for your master AP, even with your cloudflare cert.

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