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Can not connect

New Contributor

Can not connect to unleash 


Are you using ios phone? If yes there is a know issue with the IOS app. You have to use a PC or on the phone use the browser to access the AP using the IP address.

I'm on the unleash app on my android phone

Have you looged into the Unleashed AP from Android app earlier?
Or is this the first time?

Can you try the below steps:
1. Ensure that the Android device has obtained the IP address. (Click on the SSID>> Check for IP address details.
2. Open the browser >> Put the AP IP address or >> Enter the user name and password

Let me know if you get any error.

It says page doesn't exist. This form of communication sucks. 

Is this a Lennar home setup. If not you can open a support case so that we can assist you.