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Automatically turning APs in an Unleashed Network off at Night

New Contributor II

Setup: 5x r310 APs in an Unleashed-Network with 6 SSIDs.

Now I want to shut 2 of these 5 APs down in the night time.

I already found the "set state" command to turn radio on a specified SSID off/on via CLI.

Does somebody know a way to turn the AP completly off? Its always a hassle to log on via putty. I also want to automate this.

I thought of creating a Script and a Task on my Server which runs the "set state" command at a specified time.

Any other ideas?

New Contributor

Even though this thread is 3 years old I'd like to comment as reference for others to find later on.

I'm doing the same, turn both radios off when the rest of the conference building is off. This is preferred over turning PoE off; AP is still reachable and faster to turn on again.

I used:

ap 58:fb:96:xx:yy:zz
no radio 2.4 wlan-service
no radio 5 wlan-service

Do not forget to send an "end" after the radio commands, this works as commit/save.
And be patient!
5GHz needed some 25sec to disappear whereas 2.4GHz was active for 80sec after the commit.
I checked the spectrum utilisation with a Wi-Spy.

So yes, the commands do work. They just need some time to think about your input...

This was with an Unleashed R510 on 200.8.a.b.c.d in July 2021


New Contributor

HI, is there no easier way or a built-in function to schedule radio services? It's not an uncommon request...