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R720 with latest firmware and mesh equals slow speeds?

New Contributor

Hi! I inherited a couple R720s and wanted to start playing with them. I have Frontier FIOS at home and will get 800 down and 720 up while wired. I configured best as I could the R720s to work as a mesh and have them connected to the DC adaptors (as opposed to poe)

When connected to the master ap I get about 170mbps down and maybe 70 up and half that if I'm connected to the mesh ap. My client is a 16in macbook pro and a lenovo t480s running base ubuntu lts. 

I did browse this forum for other suggestions such ask turn off or reduce the background scanning (didn't work) and something about wpa auth breaking something (tested with an open network, same result) 

All settings are stock so I'm not quite sure where to go next. Thanks in advance!