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Apple CNA not working 200.2

Contributor II
Just updated an Unleashed network to 200.2. The guest network is no longer bringing up the authentication screen on Apple devices, users are forced to open a web browser which can cause confusion and unsatisfactory guest experience. I've tried checking if there is a bypass Apple CNA option like on ZD managed networks but I can't find anything.

Can anyone replicate this problem?

Esteemed Contributor II

   I've followed the UN-444 "bug" to learn it's related to ZD 9.13 new "feature" to allow HTTPS
URLs for Guest Access redirection.  For Guest WLAN the client HTTP request gets translated
to HTTPS by ZD/Master AP, and won't trigger Apple pre-launch browser.  Users need to open
Safari to finish guest authentication.  This is a limitation for ZD 9.13 and Unleashed 200.2 today,
that DevEng are researching for a possible fix, hopefully by the next release.

  It would still be helpful if you open a ticket, that can be linked to the bug for visibility, that helps
drive priorities.

I submitted a ticket and its status has been updated to "defect". Hopefully this gets resolved soon. 

Agreed. This needs remediation or the option of bypassing it altogether like on the ZDs.