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Does Unleashed support Channel Fly without 802.11h

New Contributor III
Hi all,
We have an Unleashed system with 2 R710, 2 R600 and 2 R310. I want to use Channel Fly function for optimizing our wireless connection, but i have some confused below.

-  When i read this URL: I found if client does not support 802.11h, Ruckus recommend turn off Channel Fly on 2.4 Ghz (In our company, many clients using 2.4Ghz, only some client using 5Ghz)

- But, in this article I found Ruckus using Channels Switch Announcements (CSAs) for Channel Fly.

=> What point is correct? Can Unleashed system using Channel Fly without 802.11h or only ZD/SCG can do this.

Valued Contributor II
Channelfly implementation looks identical between ZD and Unleashed, and I presume Unleashed too.

802.11h CSAs are sent out by the Ruckus AP's on 2.4 and 5GHz when channel switches happen. However, a lot of 2.4GHz-only clients do not handle CSA's properly. 802.11h was mandated as a part of DFS support for 5GHz, so most clients were forced to properly handle CSA's in 5GHz, and most clients that support 5GHz happen to do them correctly in 2.4GHz as well.

but if you've got smart thermostats, IOT type devices, etc that only do 2.4GHz and never heard of 5GHz, I wouldn't expect them to gracefully handle CSA's.

New Contributor III

ChannelFly uses Channel Switch Announcements to move channel in all implementations.  Channel Switch Announcements are part of the 802.11h amendment.  Thus, if your clients do not support 802.11h they are unlikely to support channel switch announcements and we recommend turning ChannelFly off.

Hope this helps!