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Ruckus Unleashed 200.2 Upgrade Troubleshooting

New Contributor
Hopefully the following procedure is helpful to others. We found that when upgrading to the latest Ruckus Unleashed 200.2 firmware that some member APs would get stuck in a boot loop of "upgrading firmware" or simply show in the dashboard as disconnected. Looking at the AP details would usually reveal the firmware as the prior version. This problem occurred on two different Ruckus Unleashed networks we manage.

Given the ease of access to the installed APs we simply disabled the port and turned of POE power to manually attempt a hard boot. This did not alleviate the situation.

The resolution was to SSH into the AP, enter the previously used credentials, and run the following command:
set factory
Important to note this will factory default that given AP and clear any static IP. However after booting and recognizing the Ruckus Unleashed Master the AP will rejoin and pull your config.

Contributor II
I can confirm I encountered the same thing, luckily only 1 out of 7 AP's. I did a physical factory reset on the AP itself. SSH might be more appropriate if your AP's are in hard to reach places. 

Esteemed Contributor II
Thumbs up!  A valid troubleshooting step when APs have problems joining (or upgrading), and/but assuming other APs did upgrade and you have an active Master AP on the LAN, is to try a factory default thru indented hardware button or SSH AP CLI commands.