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Announcement: Unleashed GA has been Released

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus Wireless is proud to publish Unleashed GA firmware and documentation.

Read the new Release Notes here:

Added features include SmartMesh, SNMP, Updated WebUI, and support for outdoor T300 AP models.

Your entire Unleashed network can be upgraded thru 200.0 Master AP - Admin&Services -> Administer -> Upgrade

Get familiar with the Ruckus Unleashed platform from short topic Videos found here:

Yes.  Please see the above link for Release Notes.

Is it still buggy?

I contacted Ruckus Support and they made me deactivate the " Enable Force DHCP, disconnect client if client does not obtain valid IP" option. I am testing to see if it solves my issues. I will be back when my tests are finished.

Please be aware, that feature actually/only means "don't allow static IP users", and does not mean users have to renew/request
DHCP when they roam, affect lease times, or anything like that.

What "issues" are you seeing, with what type of client, on what type of WLAN, on what model AP, Louis-Philippe?
Unleashed 200.0 GA only supports R500/R600 model APs.

I have not seen any Unleashed 'bugs' in, and/but I filed a few feature requests...

We had to confirm all possible tests for a seamless upgrade from Unleashed 200.0 GA to version (final build),
over the weekend, and that's why the official release occured on Tuesday.

Existing new 9U1 model Unleashed APs with current 200.0 code, will be recognized and upgraded/configured by
when added to the LAN. 

Unleashed 200.1 now has SmartMesh for your indoor R500/R600 and adds our T300 series outdoor APs. (so far)

It also forces clients that have roamed from a network with the same SSID, but different subnets, to obtain an IP - think carrier network with multiple venues.