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Update Ruckus Unleashed APs

New Contributor II

Hello. Can anybody say something about updating Unleashed APs? Yesterday I tried to update my wi-fi infrastructure (4*R500) from 12.54 to 12.55 firmware. In admin portal there is only one button - Update. In showed that new version of firmware is available. Then it said - Version of the file downloading...... and everything was broken. In fact this mechanism updated only master AP, after that process master AP could not see any APs with older firmware! I had to isolate master AP with 55 firmware, build new unleashed network with second AP, upgrade second AP, isolate it and do the same with third and fourth AP. Finally I connect all APs (with new firmware) in one network segment and it works.
I think it is wrong way to update unleashed APs but I dont know technical roadmap for this very important process.


New Contributor III
Hi Pavel, we have a few access points running Unleashed, however all on different subnets so personally I haven't experienced the exact issue before. Saying that when I had to revert an access point running Unleashed to migrate back onto the Zone Director environment I was told it had to be flashed with the original configuration which could only be done through a local update one at a time. Sounds like this might be a similar issue. Sorry I can't help further. Chris

New Contributor II
Thanks, Chris. It was big suprise for me when master AP upgraded succesfully but other APs did not do it at one time. It is good for me because i have only 4 APs ))) but with >10 APs I have to spend a lot of time for upgrade process. It is strange that AP with actual firmware version dont work with version - 1 hardware.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Pavel,  My question is where did you get version? 
The finalized after QA testing GA release is that I didn't
post until last week.

And unfortunately, but let me describe it here for a KBA later today, to recover now,

1) you need to disconnect (or power off) your AP that is already on the .55 build, after you go/went
thru the creation of the Unleashed network and got it setup as a new Master AP.

2) Now, factory default one of your other Unleashed pre-.55 build APs, and access it wirelessly thru
the Configure.Me-XXYYZZ.
3)  Open a browser to ''.  From the initial "What would you like to do?"
    screen, open Show AP Info, and click the Upgrade button.

You can choose either the or image for your model of AP, downloaded
from the Support site Unleashed products page for your model AP.

4)  Proceed to upgrade the firmware with either image of Unleashed GA (200.0 or 200.1), and stop there.

5)  Disconnect the newly upgraded AP from the network (or power off), and proceed to factory default
and manually upgrade thru the Configure.Me-XXYYZZ for each other non or
image of Unleashed APs.

6)  When all these are on a GA version, you can reconnect/power on your first .55 build AP that
has the Unleashed network configured.  (before you power up/connect the others)

7)  Connect to the Unleashed SSID you configured on your first .55 Master AP, go to the
     '' URL and make sure you are where you left it.

😎  Now, connect those other recently upgraded/downgraded APs, that are now running an official
     GA version or, and they will be recognized by your Master AP, join
     and get configured correctly.