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Additional unleashed mesh AP shows as "Configure.Me" after powered up, Why?

New Contributor
I now have 5 working T300 Unleashed APs.
2 wired (master\reserve) and 3 mesh.
Today I added a 6th AP.

Dashboard AP settings are "join automatically when discovered"

The 6th AP still shows as "Configure.Me" SSID 45 minutes after powering up.

The same thing happened with the 5th AP but suddenly one day, after powering up\down\trying wire it suddenly started working.

This would not be an issue trying on this AP if it werent for it being mounted on top of a flagpole and therefor is hard to access physically.

I can access the main wifi with 2 bars from AP 6' location so it should be able to connect to it.

When adding new mesh AP, do I need to connect it with wire first before I "mesh" it ?
Because I have not done that in this case.

Can I still hope for it to come online\join the mesh or should I just start taking it down again to do a factory reset?

Thanks for any tips\help

Contributor II
You need to connect the access point via Ethernet to the network first for it to provision before disconnecting and moving the AP to a different physical location in order for it to form mesh.

New Contributor
Was hoping I wouldnt have to but ive arranged to take it down and try.

New Contributor


It just happened to me with a T300.

It was first connected, provisionned then unplugged and moved, mounted to a distant hard to access place.

And now just showing "" SSID.

Is there a special procedure to ensure the provisionning is saved somehow?

New Contributor III

You do need to "test" it after provisioning it via ethernet.   I suggest that to plug it in, get it joined. Update all the firmware, wait 10 minutes after a reboot and then disconnect the ethernet and plug in the WAP with a power supply and then check the dashboard to see if the WAP is working via mesh.  THEN move it to the final location.