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Adaptive Band Balancing Appears Awesome


Just wanted to chime in on a hidden feature that’s not even noted in the Unleashed documentation (you need to review the ZoneDirector documentation).  Ever since upgrading to 200.8, I noticed the Adaptive Band Balancing setting in Services/Radio Control.  I have enabled this feature and consistently notice more clients on the 5GHz band compared to previously using only the Percent of clients on 2.4GHz radio setting.  While I’ve yet to get a picture of this long term at this time, it appears to be working as promised and just wanted to make more people aware of it.


New Contributor III
I have this enabled and it pushes more devices to the 2.4ghz network. 

Do you tend to have reduced signal coverage, which, in this case, would mean 2.4GHz might be better for these devices?

New Contributor III
Nope. I have a fairly small home running 2 R510's. I'm close to just disconnecting my AP's and going back to my ISP's router. Much better performance. 

New Contributor III

There is your problem is that you’re using R510’s… for example ruckus h350 is significantly worst than the R750. To cover my entire house I would need two of the H3 50s. I only need one R750 and some extra signal on the edges. Just saying. You can’t complain about an access points performance if it’s hardware is limited