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Access points are not reconnecting after changing IP address to controller

New Contributor II
we have r310 around our facility and it was working great until we had some changes in our network, 
we have changed the dhcp settings and i had to change the controller's(unlieashed ap) static ip.
after changing the static ip to the new one. 
i noticed that none of the other AP had reacted to the change and one day later all of them showed up as wifi.
i have checked each network port to see that theres network connectivity and when i connected with my laptop, i got a ip address from the new DHCP and all was running good.

i have tried making factory reset but the AP just came back to RECOVER.ME


RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Shai,

APs will broadcast SSID when the APs has no reach-ability to its getaway

If they have a reachability to gateway, then after doing a factory reset the SSID should change from to

If the APs are still broadcasting the "Recover.Me" SSID, then login to the AP CLI, use the command "get ipaddr wan" and see the gateway information is correct.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Shai,

Check out the below KB for more information.