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AP R510 does not join the unleashed

New Contributor

Unleashed Release version number: R510_200.
AP model(s) : R510
Does not join the unleashed, when you enter the UI, it does not show the new AP that you want to add in the option access point.
when it is verified in Admin & Services>Administration>Upgrade.  The R510 appears as a member

tests performed with the same firmware

Número de versión de lanzamiento liberado: R510_200.
Modelo (s) AP: R510
No se une al unleashed, cuando ingresa a la interfaz de usuario, no muestra el nuevo AP que desea agregar.
cuando se verifica en Administración y servicios> Administración> Actualizar. El R510 aparece como miembro

Pruebas realizadas con el mismo firmware.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f5135b77e2478fa43c_a961cd5f5b45811d1c3a3a5080e61d23_RackMultipart2019051738947w2fo-39fd1672-26a2-4129-856b-4d8c90d07507-678076049.PNG1558109999Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f5135b77e2478fa43c_9c0277cf80da6b19bfacb5838dbdf712_RackMultipart2019051724121c139-ae56a772-0061-4a7c-888f-be25c487c874-1255855581.PNG1558110031

Esteemed Contributor II
Do you mean you saw it needed to be upgraded after it joined your Unleashed network?

New Contributor
they are all updated R510_200.

New Contributor
try to see the event or alarm under Admin->Diagnostics, what happens about the issued R510.    or set factory the issued R510 and let it join again.