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A error when we install latest UMM using ova.

Valued Contributor
I have met a error when I installed UMM for DEMO using OVA.

The version is (GA). It's latest version.

The version of my ESXi is 6.0.

The message is below.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e6135b77e2478d3e04_7fc0f76c86e1fabcd86cd3009c9e0cde_RackMultipart201808071091692y0-64e9bd8e-fcf8-4b49-a77e-474c43bd7ec3-1342896621.PNG1533602837
The following Manifest file item is wrong. SHA256~~~~.

Is is error of OVA-package or my falut?

Anyone met this symptom?

thanks Freddy, that work now.

Esteemed Contributor II
Thanks Freddy

Valued Contributor
Does this OVA supported on only exsi 6.5?

How do someone having below 6.5?

New Contributor II
This is a VMWare backward compatibility issue, the OVA is based on VMWare 6.5 (VMWare Virtual Hardware Version == 13) and if you install it with VMWare 6.0 (Virtual Hardware Version==11) or lower version, you will get this issue.
According to VMWare. you can update the Virtail machine hardware, but I am not sure if it can work or not

Doe it have plan ro release ovf for 6.0?

Some customer have old hardware not support vmware 6.5.